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  1. good evning everyone!

    my idea for Rusted Apple was:

    A folk punk band that consists of me as rhythm guitar and vocals and a two other member playing bass and drums..

    but that idea slowly failed as no one would stay dedicated and they only said they played guitar good and or drums great...they did not show shit...

    the new idea is gonna be rock,shoegaze and some synth...(maybe). mid-tempo speed rock nothing metal at all but it will be heavy..my aim for my next ep is all originals (for the studio version) probibly about 6 songs... maybe 7...it depends if i have enought inspiration..

    the whole idea of the band NOW is not a live project....just a studio project...like to share my ideas and songs...stories if you will...not looking to get famus..just having fun with music!

    im looking to make three or five E.P.s then a few full lengths....when im ready..mostly gonna realease eps..eventually gonna try different projects..but Rusted Apple is my main foucus alond with OH NO! Moduator...lemme explain that one

    OH NO! Modulator (formerly known as What Evil) is my techno project...made a couple eps with that so far,,,gonna try and use actual instruments...have to save up for a synth for that before ANYTHING happens...but for now its gonna be abunch of eps for listening...

    back to Rusted Apple..

    this project has a logo that is sticking with me forever....maybe change the look but its always gonna be Rusted Apple...

    my first ep is avalible at bandcamp for free. but my next ep is gonna be actual instruments...well drum programing and maybe other stuff too...but the idea for the next ep is just some leftover stuff...the one after that is stories and things....

    look forward to some cool music in 5 months or so...thanks for listening


  2. It's been all over the music press for a while now, will she, won't she. This includes a live appearance on stage in London to play the group's hit, "Don't Stop".

    Well, now it's official. Christine McVie is back with Fleetwood Mac. Liz Rosenberg, the band's publicist, confirmed that McVie has rejoined the band she left almost 16 years ago in 1998.

    According to Rosenberg, Christine McVie "has indeed re-joined Fleetwood Mac and we are hoping to make an announcement about a possible tour for the full tilt Macsters some time in 2014."

    After marrying the group's bass player, John McVie, and joining the band in 1970, McVie became one of the main songwriters with the band, and played with the group for 28 years, as a singer and keyboard player.

    McVie wrote some of the band's biggest chart hits, including:

    "Say You Love Me" (1976)

    "Don't Stop" (1977)

    "You Make Loving Fun" (1977)

    "Hold Me" (1982)

    "Little Lies" (1987)

    "Everywhere" (1988).

    Fans of Fleetwood Mac will now, no doubt, be hoping for a new album from the band lineup that brought us the massive album, "Rumours". The expectation of what singer/songwriters Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham, might produce, must be incredible. No pressure! As a songwriting team, the three were the main song writers on a total of 5 studio albums for Fleetwood Mac:

    "Fleetwood Mac" (1975)

    "Rumours" (1977)

    "Tusk" (1979)

    "Mirage" (1982)

    "Tango In the Night" (1987).

    After an open discussion across the media between the band members, the return of McVie isn't exactly a surprise. The more cynical among you will no doubt be suspecting a carefully crafted piece of buzz generating, free publicity. A good lesson in getting free publicity for any singer / songwriter / band out there.

    For all their musical brilliance over the years the personal lives of the band has been full of headline getting controversy. The free publicity generated may have rubbed salt in the wounds, but at the same time I suspect the resulting publicity hasn't exactly harmed record sales.

    Nonetheless, for fans, this reunion is, most likely, very welcome news.

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    Relative, Biologic?

    What is time?

    Can you sense it? Can you feel it shift between the sporadic and constant?

    Does it even really exist? Or is it just some innate phenonmenon humanity has fabricated to comfort themselves into believing there's always more.... time.

    But there really isn't more time for us, is there? Atleast in the perspective of those of us in physical form, that is.

    We're so fast-paced these days. Constant moving and chatter, consumed by electronics and virtual realities that somehow convince us that we are actually connecting with others. But it seems to me, that no one actually talks to one another anymore. Face-to-face. There is no slowing down in this world for us, because we're always rushing to get to the bright light at the end of the tunnel way before it even appears. It's only an idea. And idea that consumes humanity so much that we lose the roots that hold us down to reality, and thus lose ourselves in the process. We want to be beautiful, accepted, loved, happy. But what are these things, truly? Do others define how they apply to us individually? Or is it society that morphs and alters our perception of the world so that we are convinced of our place in it. It's very self-limiting if you ask me. "The self-fulfilling prophecy", to be exact.

    From another perspective, it's also self-limiting to assume that there's always more time. In reality, we really don't have much of it. This life we have is a short one, some shorter than others. Instead of rushing to the next chapter in our lives, I think it's important to sit back, reflect, and take your TIME, no matter how little it may be. Don't rush to be 13 because you want to be a preteen/teenager. Don't rush the be 18 so you can buy cigarettes and go to clubs. Don't rush to be 21 so you can drink. Don't rush to decide what you should be doing with your life by whatever age you think it should occur. Take it one day at a TIME. Instead of worrying about what'll happen tomorrow, STOP... and enjoy what you have TODAY. Deal with tomorrow, TOMORROW. All this worrying we have, can all cease if we stop reflecting upon the past that we can't revisit or change, and the future that we will never really know. SLOW DOWN. Embrace what you have RIGHT NOW. In this moment. It's a simple concept, but it's one of the hardest things to ever overcome because we're moving so damn fast.

    I mentioned in a message to someone about the common sense of love, whether it be in a romantic relationship or otherwise. Love seems to be a large topic in this society. And we all crave it, whether we want to believe it or not. And that's not a bad thing. To me, love isn't about constant bickering about little things, when it can so simply be overlooked because you love one another more than any hurdle that comes towards you. In my mind, in any relationship, this is what is common sense to me (I'll quote myself):

    "....instead of bickering lovers who give up or was consumed by so much anger over things that should never seperate two people in love. There are far worse things that you could do to eachother that could be the end of your relationship. Not these tid bits of uncomfortability. I don't think that's what love is. And if it is something that makes you uncomfortable, then I think you should talk about it like two people who love eachother enough to listen and compromise. Things that may be common sense to you, are things that I'm still learning and was willing to learn because I love you. It's not that we think so differently, it's that my mind is focused on the bigger picturef that applies to common sense. Love eachother wholly, listen to one another, Do not lie in any form, do not cheat, do not insult, do not overlook the other and their feelings, comfort one another, protect one another, fight with everything you have to keep one another, learn from one another, Always show respect. Even if times get rough, do what you have to do to calm down, and approach it differently. Never try to listen or talk to eachother with an angry heart, a jealous heart... but an infinitely loving one. All this and more, is common sense to me even though I've never --really-- been in a relationship romantically with anyone. I think it applies to any and everyone you hold dear to your heart." --end quote

    This is how I choose to believe whether pertaining to love or otherwise. I choose to not hate anyone, which may be hard at times, but I'm only human. Instead I strive everyday to forgive others. Though I've come to the understanding that I need to also forgive myself. I've spent so much wasted TIME in my life beating myself up, feeling unworthy, and defeated. I haven't been very fair to me. I need to treat myself better. And that may mean being a little selfish and taking the TIME out to consider myself and who I want to be. I'm still learning about this life, but as long as your alive, you will always be learning until you TIME has run out. Atleast, in physical form. Who knows what we may learn after we've left this world. But why spend so much time wondering on what will happen when your time is up.. "Will I go to hell?, Will I be forgiven? Can I still be saved? (etc)". Instead focus on the here and now and deal what that other stuff when you get there. Do not fear death, for death is inevitable. It's varifiable fact, that you can die at ANY moment, young or old. But don't be consumed by it, don't dwell. For if you do, as I have, you will lose your mind and thus lose all the opportunities of living a fullfilling life. And life, by the way, is NOT about becoming rich and "Getting that doe", I find the notion perposterious. It will not make you happy but if that's the life you want, then you work hard to get where you want to be not because it's seemingly the best way to live. And also. Life is NOT about getting f*ckED UP all the time, every weekend. It's wasteful.

    Don't spend your TIME fearing the world, death and the endless possibilities of things to go wrong that you lock yourself away and never experience to good and wonderful things of this world, even if it doesn't seem to appear that it even exists. But also, don't conform to the carelessness of young people these days, and even those that are older, that would make this short time here an even shorter one. Too many have lost their lives here because of carelessness and that includes carelessness or better put and lack of caring towards the self.

    I honestly believe that if we follow the path of infinite love and the words and teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. even Deepak Chopra, The Divine, God. Goddess(s) Whatever being you believe in or whatever motivation you have that keeps you grounded. Whether that is meditation, reading, music, or science. Whatever inspires you to live as much as you can with however long you have left on this earth. For however much TIME you have. I'm still learning this, and I screw up just as much as everyone.. for instance..... my most recent DWI. It was a stupid careless decision I used to cope with my emotion(s). It was dangerous, and reckless. But I'm learning to forgive myself and take responsibility and from that I'm doing what I need to do to redeem myself. It'll be a long process, but I will take my time... step by step. That may mean starting from step 1 all over again, but that's ok. You screw up, you accept it, and fix it.. because you're grown now. One of the main reasons I brought this topic up is because I realize that I've been rushing things, trying to so hard to figure out my life and what I want to do with it that I lost focus on the here and now. As far as I'm concerned, I went from 19 to 22. There's a huge gap in there that I just can't seem to recall anymore. And that makes me sad. So I'm slowing down now. Taking my time. I'll distract from negative thinking. I will write music, and sing, and read, and learn languages, put a blanket outside on the grass as I used to and look into the sky and it's infinite beauty and wonder. I will remain as curious as I was when I was a child. I will listen to others as much as I always have, but I will also express myself. I will not resort to cutting or drinking away my pains, or attempting suicide again, or suicidal ideation in general because that's wasteful of MY time here on this earth. So yeah, that's all I wanted to say. Just what was on my mind. I hope it resonates with whoever so chooses to take the TIME to read this lol

    "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so completely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion" --Albert Camus

    I love you all. Live freely and love infinitely.




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    blog-0615612001385493290.jpgThis is an experimental Hindi Song I am placing in my own voice in Hindi. The complete Song is a Hindi Duet Song. In this part the Song describes the expressions of a young boy following a Girl, who expects that the girl would soon become his beloved.... What happens to his pleas, you can see in the complete Song to be placed later. The same duet will soon be in English also. Your views and comments would be highly appreciated. You can hear the Song on following URL:

    With best wishes...

    Ravindra K Kapoor

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    These are the lyrics to a song called Stellar. Please review.

    I'm floating into the stratosphere,

    I'm talking to the stars;

    Asking them directions of where you are,

    From the meteor that passes by ;

    I'm guessing if you're near or far.

    The earth revolves in circles,

    Time goes the other way;

    Everything's in slow motion,

    Still you're light years away;

    I'll search the solar system,

    I'm thinking of what you'd say.

    On my journey through other galaxy,

    All other life forms are quiet like you;

    They don't have the life span or capacity,

    Of the light that shines from you.

    (Sending my signal to you)

    You are stellar (Hoping you can give me),

    Stellar (I wish you can save me);

    Stellar (I wish that you were here),

    You are stellar (I've lost your communication),

    Stellar (I wish the constellation),

    Stellar (I wish that you were here).

    I know she changed position,

    I can tell it from the stars;

    You received my transmission,

    She can't be far;

    In the course of our collision,

    I hope we don't break apart.

    I'm opening the portal,

    I'm showing you the way;

    Coz in this side of the universe, if you may,

    Where all the constellations are asking;

    If you'd like to stay.

    You are stellar (Hoping you can give me),

    You are stellar (I wish you save me),

    Stellar (I wish that you were here),

    You are stellar (I've lost your communication),

    You are stellar (I wish the constellation),

    You are stellar (I wish that you were here).

    You are stellar, (In the stratosphere talking to the star),

    You are stellar (Asking them where you are),

    You are stellar (Meteor that passes by i'm guessing If you're near or far),

    You are stellar (The earth revolves in circles, time goes the other way),

    You are stellar (Everything's in slow motion still you're light years away),

    You are stellar (I'll search the solar system, I'm thinking of what you'd say),

    You are stellar

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    Miss T
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    Hi.. I am wonderin is it possible to Sell my lyrics.

  3. I know there are a few Aussies on this site.

    Just hoping everyone is safe wherever they are!

    My daughter has lost her house in the Blue mountains. My other daughters best friend has also lost her house (Susan Antonio who just joined this site recently) and many other friends of theirs have also lost homes or are being impacted by fires in some way or another.

    It's been the most frightening experience for our family as most of my family live right in Winmalee where over 200 houses have been destroyed and the crisis still continues with bad weather ahead.

    So many fires are still burning in different areas. It's just unbelievable that we are seeing this kind of thing so early in the season.

    My heart goes out to all those people who are now faced with having lost everything they owned, pets...oh that just upsets me so much. My daughters boyfriend braved the fire to try and get in to save their two dogs but unfortunately he was only able to save one.

    I have so much respect and gratitude for the firies who are out there facing horrific circumstances. Just true hero's.

    While so many homes have been lost, so many have also been saved, including my parents and my sisters homes.

    Just praying that what they are predicting weather wise will not be as bad as they fear.

  4. So since I'm already here, I'm going post some lyrics. I'm not that confident about my lyrics, but I'm posting it anyway. Now this one, I'm not sure about the title and the last chorus, and I feel the choruses are too short. Anyway, feedback please! The copyright at the bottom probably not necessary (who will steal this anyway) but just to be safe.

    Burning Potions with the Moonlight (Hocus Pocus)

    Underneath the wicked full-blown moon

    Got a set of spells I wanna try out

    Prey all you want, morn'll never come soon

    Drown in your own moans and shouts

    Love potion, seduction, it's all in the motion

    Dash of sugar and splash of wine

    Friction, tension, wind blowing away the caution

    I'll do anything to get back what should be mine


    Hocus pocus, don't lose focus

    Now repeat what I want you to say


    And even the wrong words seem to rhyme

    Parsley sage rosemary and thyme

    Faking promises that I'll be fine

    Try all I can he'll never be mine (whoo!)

    Underneath my wide, full blown smile

    Lies a wicked dark little smirk

    Being in the sheep's clothing has its perks

    I think I'll just stay by your side, for a little while

    Higher, higher, ignite the fire

    Enchant me, entrance me, get me hypnotised

    Don't tire, every push a bit more stronger

    She doesn't deserve you, it's bout time you realised


    Hocus pocus, you need not focus

    She and I are gonna just have a small talk


    And even the wrong words seem to rhyme

    Parsley sage rosemary and thyme

    One step and you'll out of line

    And all alone making these words rhyme

    And I'd mutter some nonsense

    To keep you on your toes

    Burn a whole lot of incense

    And fry a few bones

    Cause you're on your way to being petrified

    And it's fun to watch you terrified


    And even the wrong words seem to rhyme

    Parsley sage rosemary and thyme

    I've strung you up in a line

    And he watches and he just feels fine

    © 2013 Jiwon Heo All rights reserved

  5. Have you ever stopped to look at where you are, and compare it to where you were? I have, but accidentally. By accidentally, I mean I didn't put myself into the famous "The Thinker" pose, or even sit back and consider life in general. No I was playing some of my own songs, and noticed some rather profound differences between then and now, and it got me thinking...

    I have been writing songs on and off for over 40 years. I know, you don't get that for murder! Funnily enough, usually the first thing I play when I sit down to a piano is the very first song I ever wrote. I don't play it correctly, I've changed a few things over that time, and to be honest, I don't play piano enough, and never practice! *naughty boy!

    While I think the lyrics were pretty sucky, and very juvenile (I think) the melody stands up quite well after all this time, and so does the technicalities of form, key, progression etc, and I marvel at that. I knew so little then, yet wrote something I am still proud of, despite scrapping my original lyrics. If only I knew then what I know now, how good could this piece have been? My music teacher at school loved it, and said she could hear strings and an extensive orchestral arrangement (which horified me, I was into Deep Purple and Status Quo and not Symphony Orchestras!)

    40 years down the line, I've now been calling myself a songwriter for about a year. I joined Songstuff in October 2012, so I thought it about time I reflected on the past year. My apologies if this is somewhat self absorbed, but I think there may be some interest by the end of the article, I hope so anyway.

    This morning I was listening to a song I was writing about a year ago, and thought of the original lyrics. The melody was pleasant, but never really produced any dynamic climax, and the lyrics would make even the most hardnosed country singer balk. It was about a domestic abuser finally realising he had gone too far. These days I've learned that no artist would want to paint himself in such a negative light. I've learned that in the last twelve months.

    I listened to another song from late last year. That song goes on for over four and a half minutes and it quite plods along, once again without any real dynamics, although the realisation the song is a eulogy doesn't come until the second last line of the third chorus. A few ladies have mentioned tears in their eyes... However, upon Googling the title, it's been done to death, no pun intended. Well alright, I did intend it. But the title is nothing unique. A title needs to stand out. I've learned that in the last twelve months.

    I listened to another song from around Christmas time 2012. It told a sad, but often repeated tale of unrequited love. The singer lamented this and despaired about that, but nowhere was there an emotional connection with the listener. There were no details that a listen could identify with. It was full of fact, and devoid of feeling. It didn't engage, I told a story without the most important thing in it... the listener! I've learned that in the last twelve months.

    These are just three of the things things I've learned in the last year. I don't know if they are the biggest, the smartest, the hardest lessons I had to learn, but to me they are each significant. However there is yet another lesson I have learned: however good I can write on my own, I can write so much better with others. I have embarked upon a few collaborations lately, mainly through the Weekly Lyric Challenge Group. I am so happy I took up the challenge. I encourage everyone who gets this far down the article to approach somebody regarding a collaboration project. Like me, I'm sure you'll be glad you did. And I've learned that in the last twelve months, too.

    Don't forget to check out my other less self-absorbed articles here: http://forums.songstuff.com/blog/181-kelisms/

    Till next time,


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    Sensen Caro
    Latest Entry

    Hello there... I'm a lyricist but I can sing my own songs and it already has melodies. The problem is... I don't know how to play any instruments. I'm hoping to find a collaborator... preferably, a composer.

    Here's a sample of my song entitled Overruled by Emotions.


    Most people say eyes

    Are the entrance to a person's soul

    We can see truths or lies

    Sometimes we just ignore

    Oftentimes we never ever talk about it at all

    But when you look at me

    There is something that i couldn't tell

    I may be a book freak

    I can handle problems well

    But i'll throw fits of temper tantrums

    'Cause I never understood

    What love is...


    I wanna be like my perfect elder sister

    She never fall and never ever falter

    but when I see you it's like

    I'm overruled by emotions

    My emotions

    The more I see you

    The more I see myself fall

    The feeling's stronger and I can't take it anymore

    'Cause when I see you I know

    I'm overruled by emotions

    My emotions

    For you...


    Somebody said to me

    Just don't loose your common sense

    I know I'm acting crazy

    With all these babbling nonsense

    Usually I'm cool, collected

    Now I'm the opposite

    'Cause when you glance and smile

    There is something that's bugging me

    This couldn't be wrong, right?

    This emotion that I'm suffering

    And i'll throw fits of temper tantrums

    'Cause I 'till now I never understood

    What love is...


    I wanna be like my perfect elder sister

    She never fall and never ever falter

    but when I see you it's like

    I'm overruled by emotions

    My emotions

    The more I see you

    The more I see myself fall

    The feeling's stronger and I can't take it anymore

    'Cause when I see you I know

    I'm overruled by emotions

    My emotions

    For you...


    Most people say eyes

    Are the entrance to a person's soul

    With you I don't see any lies

    No make-believe at all

    I wrote this on my journal

    So that

    I would not forget

    What love is...


    I wanna be like my perfect elder sister

    She never fall and never ever falter

    but when I see you it's like

    I wanted to say

    I'll never be like my perfect elder sister

    I fall for you

    And sometimes I did falter

    'Cause when I see you it's like

    I'm overruled by emotions

    My emotions

    The more I see you

    The more I see myself fall

    The feeling's stronger and I can't take it anymore

    'Cause when I see you I know

    I'm overruled by emotions

    My emotions

    You made me feel like I'm

    Overruled by emotions

    My emotions

    For you...

    That's all... thank you. I got twenty songs in hand so if there's a willing collaborator, please let me know. Here's my e-mail ----> carosigridrose@yahoo.com

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    Sabrina Beatrice
    Latest Entry

    Did you try to take my life?

    Have you ever considered,

    Anything other than misery

    Tried to stay away but you keep comin' back at me,

    Don't understand,

    Why not leave me to stand,

    On my own,

    for a change

    I'm going insane,

    Get outa' my brain,

    You clipped my wings,

    Even though I'd never flown,

    Glued me to you even though I never broke,

    Expecting the glass,

    but I never shattered,

    Even if it was a long time,

    You wanted forever,

    I can't give you forever,

    I'm not that cliché,

    I ain't one to change,

    And I won't break today!


    Back off,

    Whatcha' gotta says gonna have to wait!

    -Incomplete without further inspiration-

    Thanks for reading dears :)

  6. There are so many things I wanna tell you n need to tell you but after I tell you I dunno what Imma do or what ur ganna do.. if I mess up imma be screwed n dont want u lookin at me like a fool but I gotta get it outta my system soon.. I just dont know how to tell you

    Everytime I try to tell you I just freeze up even though I asked for a lot of luck instead I juss say somethin like -sup-

    I hate it when I freeze cause till I tell you I wont be at peace God please..help me.. give me the words to speak cause me not telling you is like not being able to breathe n when I talk to you it feels like being held my a leash cause what I can n cant say is limited

    Maybe I juss need to chill n next time I see you it will spill.. but Im worried still.. victor just take a sleeping pill or ull make yourself ill

    Everyday we saw each other there were at least five chances for me to tell u what I had to say n I took em n before I went up to u I preyed but even that didnt help me tell u what I had to say..

    Why is this so hard? guess life really is hard n this is only one part.. I dunno where to start n I dunno how to say them.. I wish it were easy n I wish I could tell u instead of just dreaming n I think about how to tell you when Im being lazy but just thinking about it and not being able to say em is driving me crazy...

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    This is a song i've been working on the past 2 days i know it still needs work but if any of you have suggestions it would be appreciated. i know its sort

    I just want you to see how much you mean to me

    It started one day

    I tried to stay away

    But I took a chance

    Didn’t think you’d take a second glance

    I saw your reply

    I didn’t know why

    We became close fast

    I hope this last

    You know I’d give you whatever

    I want you in my life forever

    I just want you to see

    How much you mean to me

    Have you realized

    How much I’m mesmerized

    I don’t know how

    But ill make a vow

    I just want you to see

    How much you mean to me

    You’re so beautiful

    It’s indisputable

    You’re here for me

    I’m here for you

    When no one will listen

    Even if you’re just reminiscin

    I don’t know what I would do

    If I didn’t have you

    Yea I just want you to see

    How much you really mean to me

  7. Keeping Your Cards Close

    Have you ever noticed how your close family and friends receive your music differently than strangers? Well that is because they are biased. Just because their biased doesn’t mean their reaction will be positive, surely but they have an image of who you are and you are forever confined to those constraints. Step out of those constraints and you may be judged negativly. Some folks might think your fun “little hobby†(yeah that’s not degrading) is cute and just placate you with mild head nods and meaningless platitudes. Some folks who love you dearly might see everything you do as wonderful. The sun never sets on your musical prowess and your singing is just fabulous! Never mind all that broken glass around the studio. For a true measure of where we’re at we must step outside our personal circles and somehow get the opinion of…. STRANGERS!

    Stranger Danger

    One way to get instant gratification and reviews from complete well-meaning strangers is to submit your master pieces to song writing communities like song stuff here. Perfect right? People with like interest reviewing each other’s music what can go wrong? Well everything in life is like a bed of roses and there are always thorns. Those of us who dabble in song writing listen a little different than the average listener. The average listener doesn’t care about the construction of the song at all. They only care if their foot is tapping and they want to sing along or dance and cry till the cows come home. You are also dealing with a slightly different cross section of humanity in dealing with musicians and artistic types. We can be a narcissistic bunch I’m afraid. Sort of the nature of this whole endeavor revolves around all of us having an inherent level of narcissism to compensate for. As long as you know who your audience is you’ll eventually learn to separate the chaff from the wheat and hopefully take to heart the critiques of your work that make sense. Certainly the critiques that are repeated amongst many reviewers and become a theme are the obvious things to focus on. There will be plenty of reviews that you won’t agree with. When they become a theme amongst many reviewers well that is when you have to sit up, pay attention and realize that your masterpiece might be missing the master part of that description.

    One Turn Deserves Another

    In the review business you have to give as much as you get. You can’t be a selfish prig who barely reciprocates the review process. I actually enjoy running through the songs on these and other boards to see how different folks are taking over the world (Narf). When time allows I’ve been known to run down the top of the board just for fun, with no songs in the barrel for reviews myself. It’s the spirit of the thing really. In the end we’re taking part in a community and as long as we mostly respect one another things should be fine. We can find folks with similar musical tastes and maybe even collaborate here and there. It's been a while since I've run through the board to give reviews and I need some inspiration! There are tons of folks on these sites that are truly inspiring with their talent and cleverness.

    Good times!

    What other songwriting sites do you frequent?

  8. Whenever I sing in the shower, the water turns cold! I guess this is Nature's way of telling me not to sing, but being a contrary individual I grit my teeth and put up with the goosebumps.

    I don't know why I started singing this song in the shower, but in the shower it was. Yes, it went cold, as usual! And also unusual, the words came out for a female vocal, rather than male oriented like I usually write. By the time I was dressed, I had the chorus in my head and headed for my keyboard as fast as my feet could get me there. Another oddity; I usually write with my guitar, but this time, I used keyboard as my main instrument. It took all of five minutes to come up with a rough melody for the chorus:

    I'm more than he wants,

    But I'm less than he needs,

    And he's everything I've been looking for.

    I'll break his heart,

    I know I must leave,

    But I don't wanna be here,

    Don't wanna be here, when I'm gone!

    I had a chorus, now I needed a couple of verses to tell a story. This took a while longer. I went onto youtube and searched out a couple of my favourite soul/blues songs, "I'd Rather Go Blind" and "If Loving You Is Wrong". I put these two songs on a loop and went and checked emails, a few other things to pass the time, even did some laundry, all with these two songs playing in the background.

    I came back to my keyboard after about two hours and wrote the first verse in another five minute burst.

    I'm laying in his arms

    Feeling his sighs

    As he's sleeping.

    Feeling so secure

    Ah da da da

    And I'm weeping....

    The second verse didn't take as long, and the bridge almost write itself!

    I had a friend who is a fabulous singer, but unfortunately I'm on the outer at the moment. Don't know why. But she loved it and said it described her previous relationship, which was before I knew her! Go figure. She sang it beautifully but alas, I never got a recording.

    I asked Lisa to sing it for me, and she kindly obliged. We only have Audacity between us, so the production is nowhere near studio quality, but I never claimed to be a producer, nor do I wish to be.

    Anyhow here it is:


    Featuring vocals by Lisa Gates.

    Till next time,


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    “Not Gonna Grow Upâ€

    Verse 1:

    Nights at the parties we dance

    Messing around with all our friends

    Heres our chance

    To lose ourselves

    We can do crazy shit

    Running across the block

    We do it no matter what




    We’re young with energy

    and will always be...

    For all eternity

    Lets raise our glasses

    Cause we don't givea f*ck

    Cause we're never gonna grow up

    Verse 2:

    Here now we have a chance

    We’re inexperienced and young

    Wish we could make it last

    Repeat again and fast

    Not ever gonna grow up


    We’re young with energy

    and will always be...

    For all eternity

    Lets raise our glasses

    Cause we don't givea f*ck

    Cause we're not gonna grow up


    Drinking till we get drunk

    Telling stories in the dark

    Everybody can hear us

    making love in the garage

    Playing music on the roof

    We are terrible fools

    We’re young with energy

    and will always be...

    For all the eternity

    Lets raise our glasses

    Lets raise our glasses

    Our glasses


    We’re young with energy

    and will always be...

    For all eternity

    Lets raise our glasses

    Cause we don't givea f*ck

    Cause we're not gonna grow up

  9. blog-0049394001373343673.jpg3 Easy Steps to Better Sound - Part 3 - High Frequencies - Control Your High end, - give some sparkle and air

    This is the third part of three steps to improve your demo recordings. If you have not read the other two, no worries. You can find them here.

    The Three Steps: click on a link to view that document.

    1. Part 1: The Low Pass Filter - Less low noise, -this will clean up your sound and make all the parts sound out clearly
    2. Part 2: Sweep - Find the bad sounds and cut those frequencies from your song
    3. Part 3: High Frequencies - Control Your High end, - give some sparkle and air

    There is a lot to know about mixing and being a sound engineer. I am not a sound engineer, nor I am a professional with years of work in the studio. Those professionals are part of what you pay for in the studio work. They are well worth it.

    The High Shelf Filter

    What we've done so far

    We've gone through the steps to control the low end. We then found the bad frequencies and brought those sounds under control. We now want to give back a bit of the high end. A little bit of sparkle and air is how I hear it. It will be different for each ear. Listen carefully to what you hear without it and then with the filter in place.

    The high shelf filter looks like the screen below. What we are going to do is to boost the signal about +6 db and then move it to the left to increase the range. As we do this we listen to the difference in the sound. When you find what you like stop and roll it back a bit to the right


    I will do this with a clean EQ, in other words there is no other settings being used for the moment. Why do it this way?

    I do this so that I can get a feel for how much high end I want to boost. You may have heard that you don't boost you cut. Yes that is true. For the most part you really don't want to boost your signal. However, you can do so, and by the way, the pro's do it all the time. Just keep in mind that those pros are boosting very good recordings. If your recordings are on the thin side you should boost in very small amounts. Somewhere between +1db and +3 db. The numbers that I call out and the screens I show are only rough ideas. Your final settings will depend on what your ears say it the right amount.

    Stage 2

    Now that you have an idea of what your high pass filter will add to your sound its time to use it with the tweaks we have used from parts 1 and 2. The screen below has the low pass filter done. The notches are in that cut out the unwanted frequencies. All we have left to do is to add in our high pass filter.


    Place your High Shelf filter around 10 k Hz to start. Again your final setting will depend on what you hear as you adjust it's place to the left and right in the frequencies. How much you boost will also depend on what you hear and what you like.


    My starting place screen below.


    And where I ended up placing it for this song.


    I had it a bit more to the left and then I made the effect less by going a bit to the right. That's it. you are done.

    You can play with this and all the other EQ tricks that I talked about in these three documents. The main idea that I hope you get is to have a basic starting point and then play around. Your ears will be the only real guide for this task. Stay fresh, don't work too long, and enjoy your self.

    With The High Shelf Disabled, all the other tweaks are on.


    And now I've enabled the High Shelf Filter


    You can find the full version of this song on my soundcloud

    Closing Words

    I wrote these easy steps with the idea that it could help those of you who create great music but found your final product not sounding as good as it could. These documents are just a small beginning of what might happen in a studio. I wanted to keep it very simple and clear. I hope that it will help you all feel that it's not so hard and that you can control your EQ just a bit better.

    If you have any questions or comments do post them. Send me a pm or two. I'd love to hear from you.


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    Hey guys,

    I just posted a new thread asking about peoples opinions on traditional vs. new media for music marketing. As I started by saying over there, I've been working on a marketing plan for an album set to be recorded in a years time. Like any new and exciting project it's been running circles through my mind and it seems to be all I can think about lately. While working on my overall business plan I got to thinking more about the importance of having a plan and in what ways a plan can improve implementation of our strategies and ideas. In this entry I'm going to talk through how I go about working on plans.

    Planning the Plan.

    I'm entering my last year of university in the coming fall, 2 of my 3 completed years have been spent as a BBA student and in that time I've worked on a lot of different types of plans. The thing I've consistently noticed when starting these plans is that they are never perfect in their first draft. Probably similar to when many of us are writing songs, we're constantly revising parts and changing the wording. After a semester spent writing draft after draft of plans I decided to make it easy on myself and start planning for the plan.

    This step is fairly easy and can save you a lot of time, all you need to do is grab a piece of scrap paper and write down key points. Write out important pieces of information that you want your plan to contain. These little scraps can be specific things like "November 15, I want to play my songs at " or more general concepts that are important but that you haven't given much thought to yet. These would be things like "work out promotion plan"or "Distribution Strategy" at this point, hopefully you'll have an idea of how you want to go about these things, but it's ok to not have specifics. Just make sure to keep the notes somewhat organized and relevant to what your goals are.

    For some peoples purposes this may be as far as you need to go, a more detailed plan could just be a waste of time and energy.


    It is not impossible to make a plan without this step, but I personally feel that this can really separate a good plan from a bad one. If you're making a marketing plan at this step you'll probably want to find some statistics on your target market and try to figure out how likely they are to purchase your product. Also, make sure that your target market makes sense, always target people who have the ability, willingness, and authority to buy your product.

    Study trends in the industry, see how others have done what you're trying to do. Look at success stories and failures and try to see what the differences are and how they handled them. You need to do a StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats (SWOT) analysis of yourself as a business venture and be brutally honest. This will help guide you and show you potential ways to find a niche market.

    This step is a huge part of the plan, and as far as I'm concerned probably involves the most work. However this can really make your plan shine, this will take your plan from being an opinion

    Draft the plan

    This is where the bulk of the writing is done. Here you will try to combine your ideas from the planning phase with what you've learned from the research phase. If theres any issues between your research and your plans, try your best to make everything work out and make as much sense as possible. A plan is only coherent if it's grounded in reality.

    Revise the plan

    This should be the last step. Go over everything with a fine toothed comb, make sure that if you're using numbers or statistics for things that they are constant throughout, make sure theres no contradictions or half formed ideas.

    This method has worked out really well for me, it might not work out so well for you. Thanks for reading.


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    i just finish my lyrics and i need to get beats to it? i tried on the guitar, but i don't know much, please help.

  10. blog-0304368001368670026.jpg


    Im the NbC a grunge roots artist from South of Melbourne, Australia. Im just releasing my debut ep gypsy blood and would love for you to get into it. sounds like acoustic nirvana, xavier rudd. I play acoustic and lapslide guitar. FREE downloads are available from www.triplejunearthed.com/thenbc


    The NBC

  11. blog-0694089001367927304.jpgMusic is one of the most wonderful things in the world. And to be able to make music is sheer joy to many. But being a musician can be one of the toughest gigs in the world, literally.

    Some informal research by one of the world's most innovative music educators has revealed that something like 9 out of 10 people who take up playing music will give it up. This makes music one of the most abandoned subjects in the world. Can you imagine any other activity that will be given up by 9 out of 10 people who take it up?

    Duncan Lorien, the creator and presenter of the Understanding Music Seminar which will be coming to Auckland for the first time ever on 6-8th September 2013, before returning to Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane, thinks he has some of the answers to why so many musicians give up music.

    For example, in his 3 day seminar, he covers a few of the mysteries of music such as:

    • Why is the world's most recognisable musical symbol, not a symbol at all?
    • Why do we call the lines we write music on a "staff" which simply means "stick"?
    • Why do some white notes on the keyboard have black notes between them and some not?
    • What is the point of a scale and why do so many people spend grinding hours learning to play them, when you never actually hear a scale being played in ANY piece of music?
    • Why can some people learn music by ear and others need formal training?
    • Why do all the squiggles that make up written music make sense to one person but not to another?

    Duncan, who is a very successful musician himself having had two No. 1 Albums in the UK in the 80s and having worked as a producer for some of the biggest record companies in the world, spent over 20 years researching music history, teaching methods and other aspects of music which he puts into his seminar.

    Music terminology or jargon itself is, he has found, one of the first reasons why musicians abandon music. As a field it has more complex symbology and terminology than almost any other subject on earth. Consider for example, that if you look for the definition of the word music in a music dictionary, which is where you would normally consider you can find it, you will discover up to 90% of music dictionaries don't even define the word music! Or consider the common musical expression of "changing key". How can the word "clef" in music be based on the Latin word for "key" when the Romans didn't even have locks and keys?

    It is this complexity in music that frustrates so many musicians. Things about it just don't add up or make sense. But what tends to happen is that musicians largely blame themselves when they cannot understand something, without ever stopping to think they should be blaming the subject.

    Lorien constantly reminds his seminar students that parts of music are logical and make sense and parts of music are not logical and don't make sense. The key here to recognise is that these confusing parts of music were deliberately designed NOT TO MAKE SENSE. Yes that's right, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, some obscure monk put an idea into music that was deliberately designed to make it more complex and to make people give it up! When students realise this, they can stop blaming themselves and start realising the actual source of their frustration is the subject itself!

    It's not musicians who are partially crazy, it's the subject itself that is completely mad in many parts!

    Once a student knows which parts of music do make sense and which parts don't, it becomes a lot more easy to study the subject properly and to start winning with it, instead of abandoning it in frustration.

    This "reverse approach" to learning music, is part of the reason why Duncan's seminar is so successful worldwide. While Duncan isn't the first person to recognise that music can be a very complex and time-consuming subject to learn, his methodology is completely different. Others who have recognised this problem with music, tend to assume it is an innately complex subject and therefore try and create methods to "simplify" the teaching of it, whereas Lorien takes the opposite approach. He believes that music is innately simple and that it was MADE COMPLEX.

    For example, he discovered that in ancient Greece every child who went to school could play at least 2 or 3 musical instruments by the age of 9 or 10. That's play them competently. How many schoolkids can do that today? Perhaps 1 in 100?

    So Duncan's teaching methods are based on taking students through the history of music and showing them where, when and how all the COMPLEXITY GOT ADDED TO MUSIC. In fact what he is largely doing is showing that the 6 most widely held assumptions about music - namely that it is COMPLEX, SERIOUS, TIME-CONSUMING, EXPENSIVE, REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL TUITION and is therefore NOT FOR EVERYONE - are all just complete myths that have been ADDED to the subject and are not actually part of it at all.

    This is why the traditional teaching methods of music are abandoned by so many people who prefer to try and teach themselves. Sure many end up being good players but most have major "gaps" in their musical understanding that end up holding them back.

    It's a catch-22. The people who go through the traditional system of learning music are taught by teachers who were taught by teachers who were taught by teachers in a long line that stretches back thousands of years. Most of these teachers are simply continuing on these myths, without even realising they are doing so. And they get frustrated at why their students just "dont' get it" and end up giving up learning the subject.

    Then the people who are "self-taught" often don't feel like "real musicians" because they don't know how to read music or they don't understand the theory behind what they are doing. They wish they could, but having come so far at playing they feel bad about trying to go and learn the theory in a formal course or with a teacher because it makes them feel like they are not so bright.

    This is why so many experienced musicians end up at the Understanding Music Seminar because they want to fill those gaps in their musical understanding. Perhaps they know, deep down in their hearts that if they don't, then they too may become another "failed" musician or someone who just ends up abandoning their musical dreams.

    Further information on Duncan's seminar and the presenter himself can be found at www.understandingmusicseminar.com.au

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    I picked up my new (old) guitar at the Guitar Workshop and strummed it a few times and felt great about the new strings and adjustments and excited once again about playing and developing some new songs. These silk and steel strings sound great and with this 3/4 guitar I can recover the standard C chord. As someone, said,"The C chord's pretty important." You can tell by now that I am not a great guitar player; I am a lyricist and singer. Yet, I love to play guitar, when I can make it sound decent.

    My style is country-folk-blues, the themes of my songs are social justice, poverty-homelessness, nature, relationships, spirituality,personal growth. I was born and raised in the South, but also lived in New England 20 years. So I have been exposed to a variety of styles and mental sets. In addition to songwriting, I write prose-poetry and essays on creativity, personal growth and politics.

    I love a variety of musical artists, country, rock, blues, etc. Lately, I have been playing a lot of Bon Jovi. I went through a strong Ronnie Van Zant phase a few years ago. There are certain songs I latch on to and play over and over till the CD wears out, like "Collide," by Howie Day,"It's My Life," by Bon Jovi, "Born to Run," by Springsteen.

    There is a saying by Pat Conroy,"Without music, life is a journey through a desert." I subscribe to that saying. Music keeps my spirit alive, when I feel like i am slowly dying inside. It provides an avenue for deep reflection on the past, as well exploration of the present and a way to envision the future.

    I love to play out at an open mic at a cafe in Hendersonville, North Carolina called the ugly mug/ This is a tiny venue. You play to maybe 20 people but some great artists show up. What makes it great is the diversity: folk, country, blues, bluegrass, rock. Mountain folk, Southern folk, black, white, young, old. The variety of people makes the setting dynamic. I play-sing originals and covers.

    As far as songwriting is concerned, I have about 50 songs. I have shared some of them at the ugly Mug, and plan share more.

    Some people regard performance at a small venue like that as trivial or insignificant. In my view, it is far from that. It's a magic time at the Ugly Mug on a Wednesday night.

    I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other songwriters. Strong lyrics, a good voice, not a great composer or guitar player--that's me.

    But I feel good about my work. And i believe in music.

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    blog-0776072001347446854.jpgFor Brisbane original band, BLACK RAINBOW. For gigs and 3rd album. Paid for rehearsals and gigs. Ph Peter. 0406017022. Visit www.blackrainbow.net.au/store to hear streaming of all songs from both albums.
  12. For the Relay for Life (Sunday, July 8 at 1 a.m.), the setlist looks like:

    SET ONE:

    Dead Things in the Shower—fast two-step (chairperson Robin requested it)

    Bungee Jumpin’ Jesus—deliberate Gospel

    Crosses by the Roadside—slow two-step (and one of my two cancer-related songs)

    Bluebird on My Windshield—fast bluegrass

    Invitation to St. Patrick—sleazy blues

    The World Enquirer—fast bluegrass

    Milepost 43—mod. tempo two-step

    Welcome to Hebo Waltz—fast waltz

    Selling Off My Body Parts—fast bluegrass

    One Gas Station—mod. tempo folk

    Prehistoric Roadkill—fast bluegrass

    Hey, Little Chicken—slow & sleazy quasi-blues

    Oil in the Cornfield—mod. tempo folk

    The Termite Song—fast bluegrass

    SET TWO:

    I’m Giving Mom a Dead Dog for Christmas—slow & sleazy

    Duct Tape—mod. tempo country

    Doing Battle with the Lawn—fast bluegrass

    You’ll Make a Real Good Angel (Tarra Young)—slow Gospel (the other cancer one)

    Free-Range Person—fast bluegrass

    Eatin’ Cornflakes from a Hubcap Blues—slow & sleazy quasi-blues

    50 Ways to Cure the Depression—folk-rock

    Song for Charity (and Faith, and Hope)—fast bluegrass

    Leavin’ It to Beaver—mod. fast bluegrass (starts slow though)

    20 Saddles for My Chicken—fast bluegrass

    Writer’s Block Blues—slow & sleazy

    Born Again Barbie—Everly Brothers-style rockabilly

    Pole Dancing for Jesus—slow, sleazy Gospel

    Meet Me at the Stairs—fast bluegrass (starts slow, again)

    Un-Easy Street (Stan Good)—deliberate two-step

    Yes, I remember all of them. (I’ve been running through the ones I haven’t played in a while, or don’t play very often.) I tried to concentrate on songs that didn’t require a lead break, since if I’m playing solo, there’s no one to do lead; “20 Saddles†does have a lead break, but it’s a joke—I do a voice-over saying how I’m not going to do the break from “What a Friend We Have in Jesus†at the same time as I start to play it. “Bungee Jumpin’ Jesus†also normally does the break from the “What a Friend…†song but I can leave it out easily.

    And there are a few songs on the list that I don’t normally perform because they are too long if they have a lead break: “Oil in the Cornfield,†“Leavin’ It to Beaver,†“One Gas Station,†“Hebo†and “Meet Me at the Stairs.†“Oil†and “Beaver†are six minutes long as is, without a lead break. (Both are old songs, from back in the 1970s. I wasn’t insisting on a 3-1/2-to-5-minute limit back then, and the Dodson Drifters didn’t care.)

    I guess I’m as ready for the Relay gig as I’m going to be. I’ll get to play music Friday night (Coaster practice), and then Saturday night at the Dylan Show in Nehalem, before going to the Relay gig. It did occur to me that this setlist would probably work okay for the house concert I’m supposed to do July 14 (I think); I can do these, plus (since they’re fans, and familiar with most of my stuff) take requests.


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    Well I am real busy lately since I was accepted into an honour choir ready to tour Europe! Between Europe and the release of my new website, and production of my newest videos, I am wiped! I am thirlled to have Doug Deforest of Lake Paradise Studio producing my newest songs. He found me on YouTube and was determined to get me to go to Arkansas (with me living in Tennessee) to have him work with me!

    Well, It's time to go to bed now anyway haha. Add more soon. :)