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Hi Gang


New challenge time.


Juxtaposition can be used to great effect in songs. Putting two things side by side to use contrast to great effect can be both eye and ear catching, but also can highlight meaning.


You could put two subjects side by side, such as a song that highlights ghetto expectations and the American dream, or a subject and emotion in an unexpected pairing, such as a happy song about death. It’s all about the contrast that the comparison gives.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a Tiny Tune (TM) (definition see @mahesh) that uses juxtaposition as a key mechanism within the song. Lyrics only for lyricists, full Tiny Tune if you are able!








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Though I posted this on the singer-songwriter club, I shall be creating a new Tiny Tunes club so we can all have some fun with this! 



Tiny Tunes as the name suggests are mini songs made to begin a musical narrative and conclude within the timeframe of 30 to 60 seconds. It began from my digital presence gaining slightly more traction on Instagram but I've continued to do them as it's been a fun & challenging activity wherein I get to exercise my skill on a day to day basis.





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I'm new here this week and am not sure if this is where I should post this - or whether there's a deadline or not. But I want to participate, so here's my couplet-cut at a Tiny Tune / Juxtaposition song - I don't have any music, just contrasting lyrics that I wrote this morning... I think with a more work, this could turn into a song.





Feelings - who died and made them the boss?

I hope you know, man, cuz I’m feeling lost

One minute I’m sailing then I’m on the rocks 

Feelings - who died and made them boss?



Grinning and happy, angry and sore

Feelings wash over like waves on the shore

I’m laughing, I’m crying, I’m either and or

And beginning to I feel I can’t take any more



Feelings are crazy, feelings are smart

They run thru my head, some touch my heart

I think I’m together and then it starts

Feelings, damn feelings, just pull me apart



I feel delighted then moody and glum

These feelings pound on me like Ringo’s bass drum

Where do they go, why do they come?

I’d send them back home if I knew where they’re from



I’m juxtaposed and I don’t know why

Feelings roll over like clouds in the sky

They buzz round my brain like bees in a hive

What the hell, at least I feel I’m alive...


What the hell, at least I know I'm alive!




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heres my attempt at the challenge. the beat is a mix of walts and rap with a 3by4 time base. i experiemented with this and tryed something https://soundcloud.com/radar-mc-775249838/juxtaposition-challenge


We can make it through

We can't wait until the day we make  it true

When we look at you

Its like We Always knew

theres something special within our view

I Conclude an yeah I miss you too
But I Gotta do what I gotta do to make
It through every obstacle that I'm going through
I wanna make a change i want to improve
The world's so fake they haven't a clue
Were living a dream or living the dream
You know what I mean were f*cking themes feeding our needs freedom got lost in a wintery breeze


no1 heated to counter the freeze
Every Month is Different
Triumph don't give up
Remember your loved

everyday of the month

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